Let’s kill the time

Mobile phones nowadays are very versatile and even personalized. There are phones for music, camera, games, social media, and business; all can send message and call but their technical specification varies depending on your needs. The battle is between batteries lives because applications consume battery, even in stand-by mode the battery is easily depleted. If you turn on your GPS after how many minutes the battery is reduced, same happens when you turn on your data connection or WiFi. But if your mobile is design for example games, you have a trustworthy battery.

My phone has a combination of social media, office, and games. I play my newly downloaded game when killing time, it exercises my brain because I need to come up with certain techniques to pass each level, not just pass but have the best score. It is a little addicting because you the levels are endless. I didn’t know games would be this addicting to the extent that I checked its online version. I am surprise to see that there are same games but different in interface.

Now I have something to do whenever I cannot sleep and I will not be bored while waiting for someone.

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