Little Changes in my Life

Three months had passed and it seemed like only yesterday when we arrived here. Time really flies eh? We arrived here during Spring and now Summer is here..I am a little bit scared yet excited for these changes happening in our life.

Many are saying we looked very adjusted already but little did they know that I am not yet adjusted coz I am still afraid. First, in the weather and second is when the real time comes like when school time begins. We will surely adjust to american life, we will be more exposed in their culture and society especially when I am soon gonna start working. I am nervous, honestly! I know I can handle it but I don’t know, maybe we should call it excitement.

Aside from those changes, we were also starting to buy things we will be needing in the future, husband finally decided to buy stuff for the house such simple things as storage boxes for kids and my hobbies, we were supposed to buy a TV but were lucky someone gave us one but needs to have a Direct TV line first before we can able to use it. We also had a plan on buying a vacuum coz the one we were using is owned by a friend and we only borrowed it. A while ago, daddy bought his computer table and chair for we will be setting up a new office in our bedroom. He needs it coz he usually works at home. I don’t know what will be next, a home security bentonville in!, I don’t think we will be needing that for now. Maybe soon when we have our own house already.

So what other changes might waiting for me out there…I am also excited to find out!

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