Looking for Health Card Insurance

Fall is coming already, the weather is starting to change and also with our health condition. My daughter just got her colds 2 weeks ago and now her colds is back again this week. Unfortunately my son has it too and so as me. Now we really need to get a health insurance as soon as possible.

We all know how expensive it is to visit a doctor and other medical expenses that’s why we needed an insurance.  Health insurance can help you minimize your expenses especially for those emergencies that nobody can predict. I found this good insurance last week but we are still comparing them to other plan.  There are two types of health insurance being offered to me – the limited medical plan and the major medical plan. We are not legal residents yet so we are not eligible for major medical plan this time. We are considering on getting the limited plan instead.

Limited plan being offered to us has two options : Low and High premium. They almost got the same plan and benefits but the difference is that, low plan only has 3 visits to doctor while high plan has 5 visits to doctor a year. You can also have  this Inpatient Substance Abuse that covers  $125 dollars per day, 60 day maximum per contract year. One more good thing about this insurance is that you can go to any doctor of your choice, they will be giving out a  physician email lists and their names if you need to set an appointment. All in all, the most important thing we need here is when we got hospitalized, at least we don’t pay big for everything just in case.

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