Looking for House and Lot

Recently my husband and I and the kids had been looking for house and lot for sale within the area. We actually didn’t have any plan on buying a house yet but with the economy we are having now and low interest rates of house loan is the perfect time to look around and buy.

The picture below ┬áis the first house that we started to like, a 2 storey house with 3 bedrooms and 2 car garage and a sideyard. It’s actually perfect for our monthly budget but we don’t like it because it doesn’t have a backyard which is very important for us that have 2 kids in the family.

Since we didn’t like this house, we looked another houses after this. We found one that we liked but some complications arrived so we did look for another again and finally found a perfect one. We did a reservation, filled up some papers, we’re almost there…unfortunately another problem occurred so I am not sure if we are going to have our dream house soon. It’s kinda frustrating and sad but I think I am starting to accept the fact that it’s not meant for us.

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