Loving My New Territory

Ever since I got married, I never felt like I’m the queen of my kingdom, do you know what I mean? I’m sure if you are living with your parents or in-laws you know what I mean.

I am not against in living with in-laws, I actually love our situation back when we were in the Philippines, living in my husband’s house with my in-laws is a big help for they have done so much for us and I am very thankful to them. But as a wife, I dreamed for having our own and living on our own. We have no choice back then since husband and I were both not really prepared so we stayed in his old room and start in there.

But now is a big change for us. We were totally solo now. Me, my husband and my two kiddos in our new home, alone! I so love it! I know this would be hard for me but eventually I will surely get used to it. I am already expecting cooking our own food, washing our clothes, cleaning the dishes, cleaning the house and all were all tiring but NOT for me as of the moment. Yes It’s tiring but not that hard (I guess for now) coz I am enjoying it. Maybe because I am still excited and maybe because the appliances were just totally amazing! I love how the appliances works here, they’re totally amazing.  I love the washing machine were you can just put the used clothes and wait till the timer stops while I go online (big grin)or do another stuff and wallah…done! We are not complete on all the appliances we need yet, we still need vacuum cleaner, some utensils and water filter since we were getting water directly from the faucet. Thanks to daddy’s friend who gave us a pitcher with filter on it so we have something to use now for drinking.

I am excited with our new house, this is my dream, to manage our home and do whatever I want with it!

Our place may not be as big as others but I LOVE it! This is our first HOME, my real territory!

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