Match Maker

Ever since I got here in US,my friends keep on asking me to introduce them to some of my new single friends and I am wondering why they are looking for someone who’s far from our country and why not just look on some match maker online. There are plenty of sites nowadays offering a perfect match for someone who’s looking for a partner. You can actually choose whoever you want, whatever the race is and the characteristics. You can also choose a partner based on religion, or on status like if you have been divorced or something like that. So it’s easier now than asking a friend to look a partner for you right?

It’s very hi tech these years, I remember when I was in highschool I experienced ‘pen-pal’ where you have to write each other and you have to wait for several days before the reply arrive. After pen-pal I also experienced Phone-Pal, that’s the time when the phones are used to communicate faster than letter. But it’s expensive coz every minute counts. And thanks to technology mobilephones were invented so you don’t have to be at home to talk to your pals, wherever you want to talk coz it’s already mobile. But same with phones, every minute counts so it’s still expensive. Then internet started to bloom, chat online begin and this time, wherever part of the world you are – it’s FREE!

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