Meet ANDY – New Member of the Family!

Before we come here in US, daddy was able to invest something important and something you can’t live without in ARKANSAS – a CAR and we called her ANDY.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sports (black)

Andy came to us last February 25th, look at the BIG smile in daddy’s face above…^___^

Daddy can’t come up with the name for her in the first few weeks until we came here then kids and dad decided to call her ANDY.

Kids love ANDY, since daddy calling it ‘bebe’ they were also calling it ‘bebe’ and Ishi said Andy is their baby sister 😀  Sweet! Andy is part of the family, if we don’t have her, we can’t be able to go to different places where we need to go. Andy is very useful that’s why daddy pampering her so much (with the jealous tone) lol, just kidding.

daddy wiping Andy

Anyway I also love ANDY and I wanted to drive her so soon!

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