Miami Party with Ar Friends

After watching Transformers, we headed to a friend’s house for dinner. Another party to see each other and have some fun after long tiring week of work loads was set. We are all told to wear our MIAMI shirts courtesy of one of the family who visited MIAMI last 4th of July holiday vacation. And so we called this Miami Party! Thanks for the shirts!! We all love it!

Anyways, it was just a usual party were always doing almost every weekend but sometimes my family weren’t able to join them because of some stuff we need to do too. Partying with these friends is always fun! We had our simple dinner and some chit-chats. Kids are enjoying too whenever there’s a get together, they are all playing together even my kids are not that good in english talking yet and the others are very fluent already, they can still communicate well and understand each other like they have this auto ¬†english -tagalog translator like in ¬†franklin 5 language european translator. On the other hand, Daddys and Titos were you know, always having their drinking party while mommies, titas, and some titos had their own ‘dance central’ party too.


All in all it was a fun night! And expect that next week, we will be together again for another party!

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