Missing Our Old Place

Before my kids and I came here in Arkansas, I am so thrilled that we were finally gonna have our own place. My husband rented a two bedroom unit for us. Not as big as my parent in law’s house where we used to live for 5 years but atleast we are living independent now.

It’s been 10 months now, we were very well adjusted but there were times that I miss our old place. I miss our pink and blue bedroom with lots of toys and mess. I miss our bed, our terrace and bathroom with green  wall tiles and white floor tiles. Our bathroom here doesn’t have bathroom tiles but there’s a bath tub. Our bathroom before doesn’t have one so the kids were so happy that we have one now.

One more thing that I miss in our old place is the terrace. The kids were always in there whenever they want to play outside our room. I also miss biking outside with my kids, we can’t do it here with this cold weather so I have to wait till spring.


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