Mom and I

Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath

Mom and I were constantly butting heads but no time more so than when she helped me with my move. I’d just gotten divorced and I wanted to move back home and for some reason she felt the need to have her hand in everything from the Just Energy McAllen Texas rates to who I hired to come and mow my lawn. I mean, it was like she totally forgot that I was 30 years old and could do this on my own but at the end of the day I know she was just trying to help and I appreciated that. I can’t believe I’ve been living here for 2 whole months now but you know, I like that I get to start over this late in life. There’s something to be said for landing on your feet after something rough and though I wouldn’t wish divorce on anyone I know that at the end of the day there is something about it that made me grow into a stronger person.

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