Mommy Finally Drove ANDY!

I don’t know what comes to my husband’s mind and he let me drove his ever loved brand new baby car last weekend! Whoa what a sentence right? I know, but that is not enough to define how precious Andy was to Daddy, or maybe this just proved I am more precious to him than anything else (big grin)!

I am surprise last Saturday when we enter our village from wallmart shopping, he asked me if I can drive. I was like, ‘are you sure?’ or ‘are you kidding me’, but hell NO, he’s serious and imagine how wide my smile was that time! Good thing I am not wearing dress that time, I am like destined to drive that day coz I am wearing a pants like  rocawear jeans that is very comfy, and so the driving began.



I was like a beginner again because it’s been 10 months already since the last time I drove. I didn’t forgot the basics but I forgot how to handle a stirring wheel already! Whew! I am always out of the lane when turning. Boo! But there’s always a next time coz I requested to drive again last Sunday and I am expecting to drive again next weekend 😀

I wish I could drive perfectly soon…for now, I have to review the reviewer Daddy gave me a few months ago so I could get a license already when I am ready to drive!

6 thoughts on “Mommy Finally Drove ANDY!”

  1. learning how to drive is the best thing that could happen to a woman, of course, next to childbirth and marriage. imagine not depending on anyone to take you anywhere you wanna go. i love it.

    by the way, you’re so sipag naman to read and comment sa mga posts ko from way back pa. thanks and baka manalo ka na nyan sa giveaway ko=)

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