My Brother and his Vice

I am having problem convincing my brother to stop smoking. He is a severe smoker since he was in high school and stopped when he had this accident and hospitalized for a few months. I thought he’s finally done with his vice but after a year, he started smoking again and he can’t stop it anymore! Last month he asked me to buy him an electric cigarette and promised to try quit smoking so I gave him one.Unfortunately my other brother said he is still using a real cigar coz he said he’s not contented with the electric one. I feel sorry for my brother and at the same time I am worried about his health. My friend suggested a good alternative like this black and mild from bnb tobacco store. If he can’t stop smoking then atleast this one is mild and will able to help him reduce his nicotine addiction and hopefully continue to stop eventually. I wanna help my brother so badly but  I think I’ve done my part so  it’s really up to him now.

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