My Daily Routine

From now on I will become a fully hands on Mom and Wife to my kids and my husband. No nanny nor helper, just Me, alone. Hiring a helper is a big no-no for ue, helper or nannies are damn expensive unless I am a high paid employee, why not? But sad to say I am jobless. No work yet.  See the word ‘yet’ there, that means I am soon to be looking for a job or anything I could add up to my activities like learning massage therapy program online. I can surely use this in the future.

For now, let me share to you my daily routine as a full time WIFE and MOM.

In the morning I am waking up early to cook breakfast and prepare his pack lunch. After leaving of course I have to wash the dishes, I am not into ‘dishwasher’ so I manually wash it  then clean up the kitchen. After all of those stuff and the kids are still sleeping, I am going back to the bedroom, oh nah, I’m not going back to bed alright, I will just get my laptop and start going online, sometimes blogging, facebook’ing or watching online. Whattalife!  Then my job starts again when my kiddos are up then that’s another set of cooking breakfast or should I say brunch coz they (esp. Ethan) sometimes don’t eat what husband and I were eating.  After meal they were so hyper and they keep playing but sometimes they just wanted to watch all day. I am forcing them to take a nap (haha) so I could have some peaceful time but they don’t do that much often so I usually not having a peaceful afternoon. But when they do that, even for just an hour, I can finish whatever I need to do and sometimes I can able to read more stuff in the internet (as if I love reading but I am trying now). Right now I am concentrating reading about Ishi’s school’s (in the future) handbook and I am learning so much about American’s way. So cool!

Back to reality when they are up and my job starts again by preparing sometimes cooking their snack. Then back to play again or watching or just running round (the worst part) running around and horse playing. My mouth will start saying “ssssssssshhhh…don’t make so much noise” I think more than 20 times before I ask them to take their bath for daddy is about to come home in a few hours.

Before Daddy comes home, I am making sure that kids are clean so as their room.  Sometimes I am cooking our dinner but sometimes not coz hubby is in-charge sometimes. After our dinner, kids and husband were sometimes watching before sleeping or sometimes we have our own activities, that would be sometimes hubby working or playing, kids are also playing when I am using my laptop  for blogging.

Those are my activities. I can’t get easily bored by now, everything is still new to me. I am enjoying every single thing I am doing and that’s my daily routine.

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