My First Chat with Husband (6/25/2010)

Husband and I finally had a chance to chat today! Thanks to his office mate who let him borrowed his old laptop! =)
Sayang, kids are not home, they are in school! Pede sana after school ulet kaso I am going somewhere and nobody will assist them to use the computer, alangan naman mag operate sila ng PC alone hehhehe =) (pede naman…kaso pag uwi ko sira na ang PC! toinks!)
We didn’t talk that much…a lil bit of chit chat while his cooking his dinner hihihhi =P He’s so cute! I’m loving him so much when he’s cooking ehehhe and doing other chores =)
Hope to chat with him again tomorrow same time, but that time with the kids. I’m sure they are dying to hear their daddy’s voice and see their daddy’s face =)

Miss you Daddy! Mwah! Take Care! We love you!!! Mwah! mwah!

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