My First ‘Chicken Tinola’ in Ar

I finally had a chance to cook chicken tinola for my family! Tinola is a ginger and onion bases soup with the main ingredient which is the chicken. I have been craving for tinola but I can find a papaya nor chayote in walmart every time we go shopping. Last week I was able to find one and its was so expensive for a tiny chayote! But then , I still bought 2 pcs of it. My tinola seemed okay coz my husband loved it and so with the kids. I ate too much of it last night and I feel like I am gonna bloat and be needing a  best diet pills to reduce my cholosterol intake. I can feel that I am really gonna weight too much weight if I continue eating yummy foods I am cooking, ha ha ha ha! Am I that good? Nah, just right for us but not sure for the others. I am just happy I  added another dish in my list.



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