My First Overtime @ Work

It’s been over 3 weeks now when I started to work as a Teacher in Mary’s Lillet Lamb Preschool and I didn’t even notice the time flying so fast. My coteachers said it’s good coz that means I am having fun with what I am doing now and they are right! It’s a tiring job yet fun and fulfilling  even if the PAY is not (haha!). Kidding aside, I am really really enjoying my job so much!

Last week was the last week of my old TITAN (our class name) kids in our class for they are moving up already. We have new kids coming in next week so last week was the busiest week for us teachers. We need to clean our rooms, change labels and names of cubbies and chairs. Update everything to welcome them and so many more! But 1 week preparation is still not enough so we have to come to work today which is supposed to be a family day coz it’s Saturday. But it’s okay coz we actually need this time to prepare our room for Monday. So me and the other teacher in our classroom finished ‘almost’ everything today. Yup you’re reading it right, just ALMOST coz we still have lots of things to do and probably we’re doing it during ourkids’ nap time.

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