My First Padala to Daddy

I am happy that there are other employees from Dad’s company flying to Us every now and then. I feel like his just a few miles away from us. I can send stuff to him thru his office mates and soon he can also send something for us when someone fly back home to the Philippines.
On Friday, one of his office mate will fly to Arkansas. I sent some grocery items like de latas, peanut butter (his favorite butter), mamon (bilin ni mama), native ulam in lata like 555 mechado, menudo, laing, etc. Hope he likes it. I also send dinuguan in sachet from goldilocks hihihihi =)
Most importantly are some medicines like paracetamol, decolgen, and his kabilin bilinang ‘lagundi syrup’, some immodium incase his tummy fails to bear his katakawan =P and some strepsils for he always having soar throat.
Hope his friends/officemate could bring them all =)
I’m so excited to send him another padala if there’s another office mate soon to fly =)

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