My First Treat to My Family

 We had our great dinner last night. We ate at Denny’s as my first treat to my family. You know blogging is really something for a jobless mom like me. I am happy I was able to have something for myself. I am happy to treat them, buy my kids something and buy myself some of my ‘wants’ and I am happy I could be able to give some help to my mom from my blogging juice! Isn’t fantastic? Little amount of bucks I am earning from blogging is like a salary of Manager in the Philippines, was that bad? Oh I wish it will always be like that and hoping for more while waiting for my permit to work 😀

Oh well, sorry I carried away, back to my first treat, we ate at Denny’s, a non smoking restaurant with a lot of yummy foods. It’s dad’s choice to eat there, he said food are delish and I agree! I love what I ate there! The Lemon Pepper Grilled Tilapia!


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