My Kids’ New Stuff

I ┬álove shopping online! The things that I’ve been wanting to buy are almost available online! I want to buy all of them for my kids but I am considering so many things before I buy them. Their room is not that big to occupy so many things. First all they need is table and chair and some storage. There are lots of tables and chairs to choose from┬ábut I looked for a smaller ones and luckily found this one. A table with storage and a stool in one pack for 49.75 dollars! So nice!

A CARS design for EThan

Disney Princess for ISHI

and a BOOK RACK for thei books.

I am sure they will more be inspired to read and write in their room now using this. They are all shipped and I can’t wait to pick it up in the store! Next assignment….wall decorating!

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