My New Addiction – Canvas!

Since I was born, I guess I am already an inborn photo lover! I love posing in cameras but I love taking pictures the most. I started collecting photos when I was in 5th grade. I haven’t had my own camera since I started working in college soI am always borrowing my aunt’s camera or sometimes our neighbors’ (thanks to them for trusting me with it). I was raised with limited resources (in other words we are poor) but I am saving and spending money with films, photo prints and photo albums. I can say that I can sacrifice everything (food, clothes, etc) except for pictures!  I saw everything changed, from films to digital,  slip-in photo albums to magnetics and now to photo books and digital scrapbooks! I also experienced laminated frames, matted frames and now my new favorite is the  CANVAS!

I started printing my photos in canvas since I saw it online 2 years ago. It’s very convenient,  very light and very safe for houses that  have kids like me! What I love the most about it is that, you don’t have to worry putting up nails to hold your big and heavy frames, all I’m using is an adhesive tape. I know you can use adhesive to different kinds of wall decors too but honestly I don’t trust it especially if you’re putting up heavy ones. I don’t wanna take the risk coz I have little kids that are always running around the house, but not for canvas because like what I said they are light!

So far here are my photos in canvas that I collected, some are paintings and some are our photos.

 photo 58436f01-575d-4a55-a7e4-60be6087a990_zps71c3d577.jpg

I would definitely print more soon for my kids’ rooms, hallways and stairways.

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