My Photo on a Published Book!

Two years ago, somebody approached me online about this old photo posted on my Facebook account. I thought it was some sort of scam or something coz first of all, this photo was taken with a very old digital camera I had in 2008 and I honestly didn’t find anything in this photo that could possibly make them use in a book. But I still said yes anyway and let him use it, after all, I won’t lose anything by doing so. He asked for original one but I don’t have it, so he said he will just grab the one on Facebook and see what he can do.

The designer, Jordan Santos was very good at updating me thru facebook message. He knows how to take care of his resource and I appreciate it. This past month he messaged me again apologizing for not messaging me for a while, (which to tell you the truth, I already forgot all about it by that time) and said his wife is in the state and will send me a copy of the book and some paypal gift too.  After few weeks I received a package from New York containing this book!


I have no idea how he’s gonna use the photo on the cover, I’m surprised it looked really awesome, but what more exciting was when I saw my name written on the book! Yep, that’s me, that’s my name! (celebrating inside my mind and keeping it cool). 14047338_1112778545480414_202539480277130397_o 14067780_1112778538813748_2151053300133026677_o

It was just starting to sink in me how cool it is to be included in this awesome Literature Book written by J. Neil C. Garcia. I love literature and this book is perfect for me. It’s been a while though since I’ve read such piece. Contents looks very deep, I haven’t read it but I will get into it for sure coz I wanna know how my photo was related to this book.

Thanks again Jordan Santos for giving me this awesome opportunity. It’ a great pleasure to be working with you and you may never know, in the future, you might be the one designing the COVER of my OWN Book. 🙂

The Designer:

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