My Students Needs a Better Light

I remember when I was a kid, my mom usually said  ”Don’t read in the dark, or your eyes will be damaged!” Even though it was good advice, I don’t think I ever really listened her. When I was a child, reading was difficult  if I didn’t understand or didn’t like what I was reading. But finding the perfect book, is always a great feeling. As a parent now, I still enjoy reading. And I am so glad that I passed on my love to read on to my children. I like to read at night when my family is asleep. I usually read using a small reading light or candle. Here is where my moms wisdom proves to be important. Imagine how dark it is for me now that I am 30! It is so difficult to see things in the dark now that I am older. I shouldn’t be reading by candle light. So I decided to find the best sort of light for me, without disturbing my kids while they sleep at night. Like I said, I am a parent now. My daughter loves to write and look at books in the dark too, just like I did. She doesn’t know how to read words and phrases yet but she is still using her eyes to see what she is writing right? I am worried coz she might get problems with her eyes like I did if she continues reading in the dark.  I have astigmatism and my vision is 100 -100. The best idea I think is to give her a small reading area with a small halogen light to read by. This type of light is non-disturbing, saves energy and lowers energy costs. Now that I see how beneficial these lights are to the environment, I might fill my house with them. But I need to ask my husband first 🙂

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