My Thoughts on Smoking

I don’t smoke anymore and it’s something I don’t wanna do anymore. But even if I’m not smoking anymore, sometimes I find myself staring at women who inhale and puff in such a sophisticated manner. They look sultry. But even so, I still wouldn’t do it again. Especially not after I saw a picture posted on Facebook which showed what a smoker’s lung looked like. When I saw it, I told myself, no way am I ever going to do it again.

So one time my daughter asked me why I don’t smoke. She knows it’s bad, but you know how kids are. They would ask every minute detail. Since I wanted to inculcate in her mind early on why she should not smoke, too, I tried to explain to her using the simplest words possible. I think she understood, because right after I told her what a smoker’s lung looked like, “Eeeew!” was all she said.

But you know what? I really admire the effort put forth by an electronic cigarette company for coming up with those e-cigarettes that somehow make it a lot easier for smokers to quit. Quitting cold turkey may be harsh for some smokers, so it’s best done gradually. An e-cigarette is just what someone who wants to quit smoking gently really needs.

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