My Website Rank

I really don’t know what’s the main reason or what are the things to do to increase you page’ PR or page rank. I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and I still can’t say what are the thing I have to do to increase them. I am just more on posting, sharing my experiences and all but ofcourse I love to have a pr. What I am doing before was visting other’s site so they would visit me too and that can add traffic to my site. But I am not really sure if that’s another factor. There are lots of ways to boost your sites. You can do advertisements, sponsor giveaways, join memes or visit your other friend’s sites.

 I also believed that  Search Engine Optimization is one of the best thing to do to increase your rank. There are lots of Search Engine Optimization company that could help us boost our sites. I am not sure how expensive it is but one thing is for sure, boosting our sites is a big help to our blogging career.  I always wanted to try it but I have to save for that first. For now, joining memes is one of my technique, sponsoring some giveaways is the second one and if I have plenty of time, I also visit my co bloggers’ sites.

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