Need to go back to The Gym

Just wondering if it’s just stress from work or he is just naturally have this kind of weak immune system?  I’m not sure but notice, he’s always getting sick at least once a year back when we were in the Philippines and not when he’s regularly going to the gym. I  think he badly needs to go back to the gym this time coz he’s been 3 times sick within 10 months. That’s is just my conclusion anyway, it’s probably because of the adjustment period but it still better if he gets back to his routine, heading to the gym after office hours and works out for at least one and half hour. In that way he can have a healthy heart and he can still maintain some tight muscles again. Taking creatine like myoswell aside from vitamins and eating boiled egg is also good for him if he goes back to the gym.

PhotobucketSee what I’m talking about? 😀

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  1. I can’t agree more! btw, grabbed your badge and place it in my and it seems like the code is not working.

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