Needs EAD to Work

I badly need to get an EAD so soon. EAD or Employment Authorization Document is a requirement for someone that is eligible to work in the USA. You may apply online is or go to the nearest USCIS in your area. I just got here and waited for my SSN to be released and the next step now is to earn 380 US dollars fee to apply EAD. I need to have this before I apply a job. I am looking for possible jobs already so that when I have my EAD soon, I can start working immediately. I really wanted to apply as a teacher and if possible I wanted it to be in one of my kids’s school so that I could look after them. But any kind of job available is okay with me. I can also get a management jobs in that school or in any area near to their schools. I am hoping I could get my EAD already and start working so I could help husband in everything we need.

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