New Home Sweet Home…Almost there!

Our house is on it’s 101st day yesterday. The delivery date was supposed to be lsat year unfortunately, they were not able to deliver it on time. But it’s okay, it’s actually a blessing in disguise for we still have to save for some stuff like our living room set, appliances and kids bedrooms. In short, were not ready yet! We decided to just finish our contract in our apartment than to pay half of the remaining months even without occupying  it. It will be more than a month to go and were almost there! We are soon to live in our new nest and soon to pay more debt, haha! That’s a biter sweet reality! We are upgrading so it’s normal that our expenses will increase too! I actually have a long list of things to do in our house. Projects and stuff that I wanted to buy such as decors and more kitchen utensils. My friend was teasing me too to buy a pool with rheem pool heater for our backyard but that is the last thing on my list. Gosh…I can’t wait to move in to our New Home Sweet Home soon!!

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