New Kids Books We Love

Children’s books are more popular than ever. There is a huge range of popular characters who have exciting adventures and funny stories. Some series offer historical fiction and magical quests, others detail schoolyard misfortunes and crazy families. Children’s books and talking books are a fantastic way to captivate and inspire young children of all ages and turn them into avid readers.

The Kane Chronicles
Author Rick Riordan has introduced a generation of young readers to the wonder and magic of Greek mythology via the popular Percy Jackson series and, more recently, the Heroes of Olympus trilogy. In his latest fantasy adventure books, The Kane Chronicles, Riordan turns his eye to Egypt. Two siblings, Carter and Sadie Kane, unearth and battle ancient gods and malevolent beings to save their family. Mixing history with magic and humour, Riordan captivates with an appreciation for mythology and adventure. The books have an exciting pace, and kids will enjoy the running theme of unlikely heroes saving the day.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
Inspiring two smash hit films and selling millions of books worldwide, the Wimpy Kid series is one of the most popular children’s books in recent years. The books follow Greg Heffley and his friends as they deal with school, girls and bullies. Written in the style of a diary, the books are annotated with humorous drawings and notes that bring to life Greg’s funny adventures and incidents.

Captain Underpants

With a name like Captain Underpants, it’s easy to see why this series of books has become a popular hit with kids. The titular hero is indadvertedly created when two prank loving best friends hypnotise their mean school principal, Mr Krupp. With just a click of their fingers, the boys can transform the kid-hating Mr Krupp into the superhero Captain Underpants, and Krupp is none the wiser. The over the top adventures and silly humour is great fun, and even adults with appreciate some of the tongue in cheek jokes. The cartoonish illustrations perfectly compliment the style of the writing, and some of the books even have ‘flip-o-rama’ pages which animate the action when the pages are flipped quickly.

Hetty Feather
Best-selling children’s author Jacqueline Wilson launched a new series of books in 2009 featuring a new protagonist, Hetty Feather. Much like Wilson’s previous popular characters featured in Tracy Beaker, Hetty has spent most of her life in a children’s home. Abandoned at the Foundling Hospital as a small baby, the books follow the adventures of fiery-tempered Hetty as she tries to find her place in the world. Funny, exciting and sad, the Hetty Feather books are very insightful and will make young reader’s empathise with the plights of foster children. Set in Victorian London, the book is an accurate historical depiction of the real Foundling Hospital. Now a museum, Jacqueline Wilson corroborated with the Foundling Hospital and helped set up a
‘Hetty Feather Victorian Trail’, where fans of the book can see where young girls like Hetty used to live.


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