No Classes on Monday and Tuesday

I love my kids’ new school! I can see that my kids are having fun. Feels like that my kids are loving what they are doing and enjoying the stuff they are always making. I don’t know how their techniques in here yet in teaching but I can tell my kids are appreciating the techniques. I noticed they are more on hand on activities. I saw Ishi’s daily activities she’s bringing home every day and I noticed they are all fun activities. No wonder why my kids are enjoying their class even it was a long day compared to their class last year that only last for 3 hours and not they are in school for 6 hours! There will be no classes on Monday and Tuesday, Bentonville Teachers are having a seminar so they will be stuck at home with me. I a already thinking of an activity we could able to do at home but I ran out of some supplies  at home. I need to buy till the discount school supply is up but the daddy is still sick and so with Ethan now. It would be a boring days for them if I don’t prepare something. I guess I would be using some recycled stuff if I can’t buy them. Goodluck to us and hopefully my husband and my son will get well soon!



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