Nostalgia #1: Our Dancing Career


Before I met my husband, he was already one of the De La Salle University’ dance group called BOOTES.
We were both in 1st year college when I first met him both from different school (I was in University of Calloocan) and same with him I was also a Dancer in our school and we call ourselves ReBoot.
We met thru a common friend. Our common denominator that time was DANCING but I never thought we would end up liking each other too and became sweethearts and now a married couple with two dancing cuties.
I was just thinking of old days, it’s so nice to remember our College memories and our sweet dancing days.
Here’s a VIDEO of my husband’s group – BOOTES in SOP with Inaki (Dingdong Dantes) and Kids at Work.
We are not yet Boyfriend and girlfriend when this guesting happened but I have watched him once in SOPiology when they had a chance to perform again with their Celebrity Team – Dingdong Dantes and Assunta de Rosi. 
I was with him also when they dance at Cultural with the Street Boys, I am with them inside the dressing room but I didn’t have a chance to take pictures.  I wish I have my camera with me on that moment.
I also wish I had a video of my dancing days but I can’t find any….so let me just share to you some of my photos during college days.
First Year (our first competition as BSE Group, no name yet)
We never met during these days yet….


Second Year (our second compete as BSE Group (ReBoot) and became CHAMPION)

My husband was here when we won this contest. We were only friends that time but this is an unforgettable day for me. This is the day we became close and started to feel like there’s something between us already. (enough with kilig moments! lol)

Third Year as Reboot

Fourth Year as Reboot UCC (University of Caloocan City) Dance Troop 
So nice to look back!

8 thoughts on “Nostalgia #1: Our Dancing Career”

  1. i didn’t know that you both were active pala in dancing during your college days hehehe.. so cute to look back those moments.. hihi.. you should have linked this to nostalgia..

  2. wow sis! i did not know ang galing2x mo pala.. i would not be surprised if your kids would both be dancing! nice post! joining FT pala.. 🙂

  3. At pinanood ko talaga ang buong video hahaha.. Ang galing naman, eh di both kids nyo sis eh parehas din magaling sumayaw. Ganda naman. Ako puro left ang paa kaya ala akong kaalama alam sa dancing lol. Mas madedevelop pa mga talents ng anak mo asi madaming dancing school dito sa tate where you can enroll them.. Weeee, celebrities in the making..

    Thanks for taking time to join sis. Greatly appreciate it.

    1. ahahahah sis!! yes baby plng sila they love to dance. Sana nga ay ma improve. ehehehehhe 😀 madami dancing schools…hmmm un ay kung kaya ng budget :)) ahahhahaha se you again next thurs!!!

  4. Wow, humahataw pala kaau dati ni hubby mo sis. Dancing couple pla kau. The fact that both of you shared the same interest ang syang nagpapalit sa mga puso ninyo..i am glad to know about both of you were dancers

    visiting here from Nostalgia..

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