Nostalgia with PACMAN Game

A long time ago, I remember playing pacman game. If I am not mistaken I think that was during my Freshman year in High School. That was the time that computers started to be part of your curriculum and I remember playing this game instead of doing what I am supposed to do in our computer subject. Funny thing is that, no matter how the technology grows, no matter how many games are all over the internet, I can’t believe PACMAN games still exists! I saw my friend playing it online and it made me remember my high school life and it reminds me of the first days  when I use a desktop computer. It’s nice to remember things like that and it’s also nice to know that simple games like this still exists. I wonder how many people are still playing this kind of game and also wondering if the kids of this generation still enjoying this game despite of having different new and fun games in the internet.

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