Not so MERRY Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of our family and friends!
This is our first ever FAMILY Christmas that were not together. I am not that sad but not that so merry either. Christmas just passed and it’s like a normal day for me waiting for another months to pass and finally had a reason to celebrate.
Though were not complete, I am still thankful to our dear God for all the blessings He gave our family this year.We were hoping and praying to have another fruitful, happy and peaceful year ahead!

My family celebrated it the usual way, kids and I were with my inlaws. We celebrated christmas eve at my Aunt’s house in QC then had a christmas day at home with husband’s relatives and then with my relatives in the afternoon. My kids had a blast. Kids enjoyed the gifts they had received and given away. I guess they are more happy if their dad is with them. But it’s alright, they are alright anyway. Dad is alright, I am alright, were all alright! 😀

God is really good, He’s with us all the time giving us strength. Few months to go….hope everything will be okay! 😀

God Bless Us!

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