November 23, 2010 ’31 Days Before Christmas’

Thirty one days before Christmas, I don’t know what I’m gonna feel about this. Am I gonna be happy or sad? Happy because few months to go and we’ll possibly be with him in US or I will be sad because it’s our first ever Christmas that he’s not here with us.
I know it’s sad but I am not gonna think that way. I will just think that it’s okay coz this is only temporary. Just this year. (hope so) It’s hard to convince myself but I had to.
He’s 5 months in US already, I thought I will be more stronger but NO, the longer he’s not with us, the more I becoming so WEAK. I miss daddy so much and I feel like dying. I was just entertaining and keeping myself busy.
Hope Christmas and New Year will pass immediately, I wanted them to move fast so I could be with husband already. I am so excited to hug him, kiss him, cook his favorite “merienda” I personally invented for him, I called it “Jes Sandwhich” 🙂
Oh God thank you for being there with us always. God Bless my Family esp my husband that is far away from us.

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