Old School

 Eversince I love receiving mails already, even when this computer thing came. But when this computer thing started to become powerful, no more snail mails only E-mails, no more birthday cards nor postcards only E-cards! Oh I miss the old ways. I miss how my mama sending letters and I am so excited when the mailman arrives in our front door giving me a long white envelope with a letter and a money in it or sometimes money order. The last thing I remember receiving letters was when I was in first year high school. I have penpal that time. I am seeing cellphones then, computers, etc.  Address plaque is useless then and I never received any mails since then, only the electric and water bills and bank statements. I am happy when I found out about postcrossing. No not online but the real one. I didn’t know there are people that are collecting stamps nowadays. I thought everybody were using emails to send mails. I am so happy that I was able to fulfill my dreams – to receive and send postcards. So wonderful! Everyday I am so excited to go to our mailbox look for our address signs and check mails.  It’s been a month now that I am postcrossing and I am so loving it!


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