One Week To Go…

One week to go and it’s gonna be school time! I am expecting a letter this week for a parent orientation and I can’t wait. I am feeling nervous now and I don’t know how will our routine’s gonna be this coming August. Both of the kids are going to school soon and that means I am gonna be alone at home all day! Gosh! What’s my life gonna be soon? Oh, that would be an opportunity for me to go to the gym in our clubhouse, or more time for blogging? Hmmm….cleaning the house? I dunno, let’s just see what will happen to me soon. For now, our focus is to complete the kids requirements, we still have pending requirements of ITIN and Physical Examination.  We were once rejected for an ITIN due to lack of stay, so now that we were more than three months here, I am sure kids can have their tin already. And for the physical examination, we were still looking for a clinic where to bring the kids for examination. We also need to bring them to a dentist and have their teeth check. I wish we could get our health card soon but we are still waiting for my EAD permit, so I could find a work and then that’s the time were going to apply for heath card.  Oh …patience…patience….we can’t get them all yet, one at a time…one at a time!

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