Our Car Maintenance

It’s time for car maintenance once again but we haven’t brought our car to Mitsubishi yet. Why? Because we don’t have budget for it yet. Yeah that’s true! No moolah yet! Our car is gonna be 2 years on February and in the past year of using it,  we only experienced an airconditioning problem so far. I don’t know if that is good or bad but we cannot blame our car coz last summer was too hot! I also had a minor accident with our car, we had her checked by some of our friends and referred us to a store selling some Rubicon Express Shocks but luckily they said our car is fine and didn’t get any trouble aside from the scratches and dirt. I feel so bad coz I was the one responsible for all of our car’s trouble. Soon I am planning to buy a simple car and hopefully I would be able to take care of it like how my husband is taking care of our car right now.

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