Our Come and Go Phones

For all the years that my husband and I have been together, I can count how many gadgets he had and bought for himself. He seldom buy stuff, he’s not that picky and he is not the kind of man who always buy stuff with no reasonable reason. For him buying gadgets with no reason or purpose is a waste of money so he’d better save it than buy so many gadgets he will never use.

I remember his first cellphone when we first met, it was Nokia 6210. I don’t have my own phone that time yet but when we started to become boyfriend and girlfriend, I bought my own for communication then and that was a 2nd hand Nokia 3210 – my first phone I bought using my own money. After a year I have to sell my phone and buy a brand new this time – Motorola (I forgot the model already). My husband lost his 6210 so his mom got him a Globe Postpaid Plan with 3210 phone and upgraded to Nokia 3650. These moments were so memorable to me, we have so many ups and downs in our relationship and our phones are witness with that. They are come and go but they are in our mind and making us remember our beautiful and not so fortunate pasts. Our phone history didn’t end there. When we got married he bought his first ever phone from his first salary – Nokia 6230. He almost lost it after a few weeks and good thing somebody saw it and gave it back to him. This phone last for 2-3 years with him, he didn’t change or buy a new one till it has damage and so his Nokina Xpress Music was born. That was his last phone in the Philippines and now he has his i phone and soon to upgrade to a new i phone.

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  1. It’s always amusing to look back, isn’t it? I have also gone through many phone evolutions in my lifetime, I must say. Just goes to show us that times do change, and so do we. We can’t help but adapt to life’s constant change.

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