Our First Snow Experience

Finally my kids and I experienced snow last Monday!  It was 6:55 in the morning when I headed out the door to look for Ishi’s bus coming and to my surprise, I saw this very beautiful sight of surroundings. The real and plastic grass, especially the roofs of the houses outside were all filled with snow! Such a nice sight for a first timers like us. My kids were like, “snow! snow!” and hurriedly took their coats and boots and played outside. Daddy experienced it last year so he’s not that excited anymore so he stayed inside opposite with our kids that were so thrilled to play with the snow but sadly Ishi has to go coz the bus arrived already while Ethan and I went back inside our house and I started to prepare him for school.  Since he prepared fast, he still have some time to play with the snow and here’s some shots of us enjoying our first snow experience.

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