“Our Time” is now “Me Time”

Remember the things we usually do together? Our bonding time? I miss those days….

I went to Let’s Face It today, us usual I had Facial.
The beautician put me on the same bed where I used to lie down every time we visit there, I looked at my side, you were not there that’s why now I’m missing you.
I tried to visit Index Salon, I wanna try their foot spa coz it’s cheaper, it’s only 99 pesos, and 50 pesos for the pedicure…I remember you always ‘making tawad‘ to Percy Salon for the foot spa hahahahahah!!!
I saw other costumer’s foot beside me with “kalyo” too and I remembered you again…hihihih =))
After that, I went to the gym, I worked out. I miss going to the gym with you…it’s been a long time.
I’m not feeling well after the 2-day gym so I decided to have a Swedish massage. “Ate Hydee” put me in the room where they casually putting us….in the couples room. But that night it’s not couple’s room anymore. =(

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Forgive me for I am writing sad articles. I hate it too! But I can’t bear them alone. Thanks to this blog!

BI maybe sad some times but I am more happy when imagining things in the future. I am looking forward doing these things again with you..soon! So soon! =)
I Love you! Mwah!

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