People Making List

This month, there’s two important list I have to make – Christmas List and Thanksgiving list. You might be wondering what list are those but I am sure you know what’s the christmas list already, it’s the list if the people you are going to give a gift and the gifts you wanted to give them. Yearly I am updating my list. From my family, relatives, friends up to my godchildren and others. Yearly I have new god children and new nieces and nephews so I have to add them on my list. This year, my list is gonna be different. I hate not to give gifts to my god children in the Philippines but I can’t do anything about it coz first I don’t have a job and I am far from them. This year, it’s only gonna be our new friends here, my kids’ teachers and friends and our selves – and that is the Thanksgiving list. Thanksgiving sale is coming so I have to make a list in what to buy for ourselves and for our home. We were planning to buy a Television, there will be a huge discounts on appliances every thanks giving so we are hoping we could get one soon. How bout you, what list are you preparing this month?

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