Play Solitaire Online


Perhaps everyone has a certain game that is part of his or her childhood. For some people in the 80s and 90s, these would mostly be outdoor childhood games that were played with friends. However, a lot of them have also witnessed their parents or grandparents play an individual card game called solitaire.


Adults were usually the ones who dabbled in solitaire and children would either watch or play right after the adults have left the deck of cards on the table. There was usually a superstitious quality to the game where the people would ask their questions and wishes against a game.


Eventually solitaire became a computer game and it was still mostly the older set that got into this. Maybe old habits just die hard.


Now, enthusiasts may be very happy to know that they can also play solitaire online. There are so many game choices and more vivid colors! It is still as exciting because the mechanics of the game is the same. You can have hours of no-brainer fun in front of your computer.


There are also advantages when you play classic solitaire. You don’t have to shuffle your cards and you won’t have a problem with the fan scattering your cards or the cat jumping on your arrangement.

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