Playing Video Games with Your Kids

Trying to keep children entertained can be very trying, especially as they get older. Every mom will tell you that the challenge of keeping your bundles of joy happy and content will get harder every year. However, new technology is a great way to get your kids involved in exciting activities and they will enjoy it too. Many of the latest computer games designed for children are created to stimulate them and help them learn. I am a keen advocate of video games and think they bring people together, but I also think that they need to be regulated by parents and that children should also spend time outdoors. But there are definitely times when computer games bring us together as a family, especially when the weather isn’t great. Ishi, Ethan and I had a great time playing on the Just Dance Wii this week at our friend’s house, we laughed so much. Husband and I also enjoyed playing the dancing game, it was so funny and it was great to relax as a family with friends. With a little healthy competition the kids try to outdo each other and at the end of the game they have managed to improve so much. The songs on the game help you get into the grove and in the end we were all singing along. Children also gain vital skills from playing on the games; it has been proven that games improve children’s skills. Consoles like the Wii may also improve children’s hand to eye coordination as well as giving them an introduction to essential life skills. The Nintendo Wii is a brilliant console and the kids look forward to going to their friend’s houses to play on it. They come back with tales of Mario and Just Dance and all the things they have been doing, including who won which game. What is so great about the Wii is the fact that you have to get involved in the game, jumping, dancing and swinging from side to side. So I don’t worry about them playing it. It is great to see the kids playing happily together, dancing and playing and it is something that we can enjoy too. There aren’t that many consoles like that; ones that we enjoy as much as the children. Many people have problems with children playing computer games, but I think that they are great, the kids are have an amazing time and so do we.

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