Possible Gifts for Teachers

I made some personalized coin purse for my kids’ teachers to be given out supposedly before winter break but it seems like it’s not gonna be delivered on time so I am thinking of backup gifts.

I started making crocheted beanies and I really love to make for each one of my kids teachers but I am not sure if I can finish them all before winter break starts.  I am thinking of buying some flowers and give it to them on the last day of class. Delivered flowers are sweet too but my kids love handing out gifts so I want something that they can personally give to their teachers. Another choices that I am thinking are purse or bags coz these are very useful to teachers.  I have some purse that I bought in Tanger Outlet last time we went shopping ready to wrap  just in case I won’t be able to get other alternatives but that don’t you think it is redundant since I have ordered personalized purse for them already? Gosh I am really confused. It’s really hard to think of gifts when you have limited resources.



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