Preparing For My Daughter’s Birthday

Time flies so fast and Ishi is gonna be 6 soon! Her 5th birthday was still fresh in my memory. I can still feel the rush, excitement and happiness on that day, the daddy was here in US that time and as a gift to her daughter, he agreed for Ishi’s request on her birthday – a pool party!  Now that we are here, we don’t have any plan on having another party because the last one was costly already but Ishi wants to have a party and since it’s her first birthday here, the grand ma can’t let it be boring. She said she’s gonna give money for her birthday and so I immediately look for a place and booked a date. Now it’s all set, we are having it in Jumpzone and we were going to invite her classmates and other friends. I am so nervous again preparing for all the goodies, cakes and her dress. Good thing food is not an issue here, having a slice of pizza with drinks and a cupcake will do so I will just have to worry bout the goodies and balloons.

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