Preparing for Summer Activities

School Year 2011-2012 is gonna end soon, I am excited for my daughter coz she’s gonna be in first grade soon and my son will be in Kindergarten. But before planning on the next school year coming up, I have to prepare for summer vacation first. I want my kids summer vacation to be productive and busy so I am now looking for an activity for them. I am planning to enroll my kids to one of an enrichment program this summer but that ain’t fun if I don’t enroll them into something they really want. My daughter wants to continue her gymnastic class while Ethan wants to continue basketball class unfortunately he can’t coz he’s only 5 years old and they are requiring 7 years old for it. I am thinking of joining him with the sister’s gymnastics but it’s not final yet.

He saw a guitar from our friend’s house one time and now he’s asking me if we can also have a guitar. My husband and I knows how to play a guitar before so it’s probably a one good idea to keep my kids busy on summer.I actually started looking for guitars and I found Fender guitars perfect for it was on sale!!! I want the acoustic guitars for my kids and an electronic for me. Yeah for me, I love playing guitars too and I guess it’s time to refresh my knowledge and try to enhance it this time. Aside from guitar, I am also planning to buy a condenser mic and practice my kids to sing while playing guitar and record it my computer! I am sure that’s gonna be fun right? Oh I can’t wait for the summer to come!

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