Rapid Changes in Arkansas

Arkansas┬áhas been growing for decades, and will continue to do so for many more. This continued growth requires new plants to be constructed, and these new facilities must be built with new construction and safety requirements in mind. When a new facility is built, or existing ones are refurbished, it’s vitally important to the safety for all workers on that site, now, and in the future, and also for the company’s profitability, that inspections are held guaranteeing that safety standards are met.

There are several companies that specialize in inspection services. If you have ongoing construction or updating of equipment in the works, and you have not already scheduled an inspection service, you need to do so. One firm that can help you is ChemRef Services. They specialize in several areas and are considered to be a leader in the field. Get inspected today and prevent accidents tomorrow!

ChemRef’s inspectors have received specialized training in Non-Destructive Testing, shutdown and emergency inspections, vendor surveillance, and also mechanical integrity. They also inspect gas plants and storage tanks. Gas plant inspections can include fuel gas, vent gas, and propane, and also hot oil. Gas hydro treaters, finfans, and refrigeration are also covered services. Corrosion levels, settlements around edges and above foundations, joints, hatches, and strapings, and many other aspects of storage tanks are included in their storage tanks assessments and inspections. Leak and containment volume are specialized inspections and are inspected according to NFPA, SPCC, and DOT regulations.


Their Certified Welding Inspectors have alliances with the American Welding Society, NACE, and the American Petroleum Institute. For the inspection needs and requirements of new construction, it’s an excellent investment to have inspectors who’ve been trained to ensure that the materials used in the construction meet or exceed industry regulations and standards.

In addition to inspections, ChemRef has experienced API 570 inspectors who can help your company by verifying the P&ID information you have, and then integrate them into the system. Safety and the ability to continue production is key to remaining a profitable company.

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