Recycling Furniture

I love making DIY projects coz aside from the fact that I love arts and crafts, I am also this kind of person that is so thrifty and valuing everything. It doesn’t matter  if it’s old or new as long as I can think of any use for it.  As of now I’ve done several DIY projects using an old or broken stuff that can be found at home. A simple example are the used bottles. I am using them for storing foods in the fridge. I am saving some creamer containers too  and then decoration them and used as a storage. There are lots of things that we can always recycle only if we are creative and resourceful. We don’t have to throw everything if we want to and buy new ones just because you have money. Even at home, if you have old furniture, you can always make ways to improve them or fix them instead of just throwing them. Here’s an example on how you can recycle or restore your old stuff.

Look at the chart for outdoor furniture restoration below:


screenshot from


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