This guest post from Doris Dillon

One of the great things about working for myself is never having to answer to anyone else about pretty much anything. The worst thing about working for myself is having to handle every single responsibility all by myself. I am great with big picture things like my business strategy, but I have never been great with the smaller details, like which providers I need to use for certain services. I had to rely a lot on my friends to get the small things handled in the beginning. Fortunately, I have quite a few friends who are very skilled businessmen, so they were able to help me out a ton. One thing they all stressed was the importance of finding reliable service that was affordable, and the fewer providers you could use the better. The bottom line is that you have enough going on all the time; you don’t need to worry about whether your customers are going to be able to reach you when they pick up the telephone. I did some searching around for the best Phoenix T1 providers, and found a great one who handles my phone and internet. It was a snap, and I’m on to bigger and better things!

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