SAVE for Shopping

It’s gonna be August next month and I feel like Christmas is coming already! I wish I could have a job soon! I wanna go shopping! I wanna buy my kids a lot of stuff in some stores that are affordable! I wish I could also shop for my mama, my brothers and sister and nieces ans nephew!  I so love the dresses here for kids and so for the adults like me. My mama always wanted to receive a package and I am so happy if I could grant her dreams. We are all dreaming for a package I’m sure whatever it is as long as it came from America, people are appreciating it. My mama will be happy coz there are lots of  plus size clothes clothes here for her. I remember having a hard time looking for a plus size women’s clothing in the malls for her coz she is big. But when I am looking for dresses, all I am seeing was if not petite, it’s plus size formal dresses that doesn’t fit me. I also wish to shop for lots of groceries and beauty products such as lotion, shampoo and soap! I found them very affordable here and I am sure they are going to love it! Ahhh…dreaming is so nice but I am going to see to it that I soon, this dream will come true!

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