Securing My Family’s Future with Insurance

Before anything else, I am a wife and a mother. These are the two most important roles I play in my life. Hence, I endeavor to do everything to keep myself healthy and avoid getting sick. Nevertheless, I know that getting sick is inevitable. We can prevent ourselves from getting too sick, but what power have we got over our immune systems, right? That’s why I decided to get traditional health insurance for myself, and the whole family.

At least, with insurance, we wouldn’t have to worry about ballooning hospital bills and expenses in case one of us gets sick. This is something most people fail to recognize, the importance of getting medical insurance just because they fear having to spend for the monthly premiums. They ignore the fact that without insurance, they’re responsible for all incurred expenses and the high cost of medical bills in the event that something terrible happens.

Fortunately, it’s something both hubby and I understand, that’s why we made sure we’re covered. In fact, I’m planning to get student medical insurance for my children, which they can use when they go to college. I think it’s only wise to get insurance for the whole family, knowing that we have no hold as to what the future holds for us.




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